Self Portrait

These "selfies" were taken over the summer, I can tell because a. I have freckles from the sun and b. I remember the day I took them. Life has been FLYING by, this semester at school went by like a flash of light. There is now a lack of freckles and colour on my face, because (OMG!) it is Christmas in 2 weeks. What the what?...I keep wanting to post more but I find it challenging with school + work. I will have 4 weeks during the holidays, looking forward to a lighter work load without projects due. I want to try to make a few resolved drawings while I am on break. Personal work that is for me, without guidelines and deadlines & I want to read this book by Amy Poehler. I think she is out-of-this-world hilarious and have only heard great things about it. It's also part of the book club over on A Beautiful Mess for the month of December and I've read three books from their selection + loved them all!

Peace to all 


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