Checking in.

The year is flying by already and I can't wait to be off school so I can blog more. 
I miss it so much because I only get to upload things every now and again + the past winters of my life have not been this dreadful. Come to think of it - they most likely were, I am just being a little girl about this. Ha! (gotta suck it up) Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying themselves where ever you are. Here are some current things I like, want and dream about. 

- A blog I am obsessed with right now is The Sprouted Kitchen

- Such an awesome Makeup Bag by Alphabet Bags

- This collection by Another Feather is beautiful. 

- I really want to try making a DIY Macrame plant holder. 

- My next apartment will have an abundance of natural light like this place .

My blog got a makeover and it's really really happy about the whole change ;) 

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