Hey Y'all! 

I've been super-duper busy with school-work-home, you know the works. I've been feeling really great even though I am swarmed. I am feeling super inspired and fresh. I've been thinking up tons of projects, I can't hardly wait for the winter break to be able to start some side projects. On my list is:

- print large blueprint copy photographs at +Staples (only about 7$ - whaat!) 
- hang up shelves that can hold some of my artwork instead of it being cooped up in storage. 
- try three recipes from "What Katie Ate" (if you don't know, now you know...check her out!)
- finish painting these walls...6 months later. 
-Make paintings and personalized pet portraits for x-mas presents

 I feel like 1 month off is enough time, then again it's only 4 weeks, really it's just 30 days if you think about it. I am going to start with those puppy and kitty portraits as gifts :) On another note, how great is this Conan O'Brien quote. In a world full of "go-getters", especially in the creative environment, competition is usually high and caring is often times very optional. It is easy to feel belittled by peers and too often by ourselves. I think it's important to remember ones worth, and that working hard and being nice really does pay off (maybe not in a private butler and house in the Bahamas kind of way, but pays off nonetheless).

Have a great week.