Blog Crushing

I am totally crushing on this blog right now! The content is genuine and the photos are inspiring. If you have not already visited, make your way over and check out this awesome family. Helps that she has those cute little babes to back it all up! I enjoy finding blogs that keep me coming back and this one does not disappoint. 

Hope everyone had a great week! 

A song if you please.
 I can't wait to see them at Osheaga festival next weekend.

Goodbye June

Good bye, June.
(a little late)  

I will miss the fireworks. 

I will not miss all the rain we got. 

I will miss the longest day of the year. 

I will not miss being sick in the heat. 

I will miss seeing the big beautiful super moon. 

I will not miss all those mosquito bites. 

I will miss celebrating three years with my man. 

I will not miss the toilet and sink getting clogged (again). 

I will miss the fair and all the summer celebrations.

Here is to the rest of July, may you be sweet and sunny for all! 


The Fair

The fair. Oh how I love thee! The lights, the cheap rides, the games and the treats... It arrives at the same time every year and reminds you that summer is really here. Though I have long outgrown the height limit to ride most of the attractions, I still envy the kids going round in their little shiny saucers. 
And who can resist a little (over-priced) cotton candy?