Photo heavy post!

I found there was something sweet in almost all of the shots I took that day. It could have been the lighting or the angles, but most of all it was the people. These two and their families were insanely comfortable with each other. There were no introductions being made or awkward hand shakes taking place. It's as though everybody was best friends all along. The wedding itself was a labor of friendship and love. The soon to be sister in-law did the bride's makeup, the bartender's were friends and decorations were hand made! I wish them infinite years of laughter and love. 



Local Spot

Recently some friends and I went to a local food joint called JukeBox! It was delicious, they make all kinds of crazy burgers. The one photographed above has onions rings inside! We decided to sit outside because it was a nice sunny evening and we have had a lack of those lately. If you ever get a chance to go be sure to check out the interior, it's got an awesome early 60's vibe - jukebox included! I am shooting another wedding this weekend and that should take up some of my spare time. I will be back to more consistent posts soon. 

Have a good week. 


Goodbye May

Goodbye May. 

I will miss those first rainy spring days. 

I will not miss having to pay my taxes. 

I will miss the feeling of getting my first smart phone. 

I will not miss my old Nokia r.i.p to the most ancient of cellular devices. 

I will miss that first barbecue of the season. 

I will not miss the procrastination of painting the apartment. (still in progress)

I will miss lobster season. 

I will not miss installing the air conditioning. What a P A I N! 

I will miss watching all the trees grow big beautiful green leaves. 

Saying goodbye to May, which just flew by.


Here is to June, so much good stuff planned. 


Insta Life

Hi! How was everybody's weekend? I spent some time between chilling out and working. The summer is well on it's way and we had really HOT weather this weekend. I love the warmth - don't get me wrong here... but it is an adjustment. We go from (almost)  -30 to +30 within the span of a few weeks. This inevitably takes a toll on one's mental and physical state. To take my mind off the heat, I have been researching some ways of converting my favourite meals into healthier and partially veggie creations! This blog called is Post Punk Kitchen and it features awesome recipes that I hope to be re-creating. Super inspiring :)  I am also working on a collage that I will be posting a DIY of in the upcoming month. Stay tuned lovelies.