Fun Finds

Is it that time again? Oh yeah.
Here are a few fun finds from around the web. I love that big yellow couch, I am 
digging the 70's vibe of those pin legs. Also Ikea never fails, their work with independent designers gives them a huge up on innovation. I think this lamp would look awesome in my living room!
Hope everyone is having a great weekend. 
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Insta life

Life is looking pretty good according to my Instagram. 
Here's a classic song for you all. 
Short posts are sweet sometimes. 


This and That

My oh my! What a week, I was prepping for the wedding I shot this Sunday. I was so nervous (naturally) but everything went smoothly. It was so nice to see all the family pour their hearts out during speeches, the first dance and all those sweet moments that make up a wedding. Other then that the last week was a blur. Now that I am back to my normal pace, I will finishing up the last touches on the painting and figuring out a new layout for our furniture. Also I will be editing pictures from the wedding whenever I get the chance. I will post about them as I go. They are announcing rain all week, which is perfect because I have so much stuff to do and I don't wanna be stuck staring out the window to a blue sky. Anyone else craving fish tacos? Thinking of making some this week! 

Here is a song for your Tuesday, 
wherever you may be



''My mother wanted us to understand that the tragedies of your life one day have to potential to be the comic stories the next." 
 Nora Ephron

This quote always reminded me of my mom. She would always say: "You'll be laughing about this in a few day's" (or sometimes weeks, months - depending on the severity of the given issue). This often seemed like the worst advice in the world growing up. Because as a teenager one could never EVER imagine laughing about the curling iron burn on ones forehead... or the boy who never called back. The funny thing is I always did end up laughing about it. No matter the situation there came a time when I could chuckle at how huge a very tiny issue felt . And so when life throws me across the room with embarrassment or doubt or pain, I try and remind myself that I'll be laughing about this in a few days.

Happy Mother's day to all the kick-ass mommas out there!


Windows down

Last weekend we took a drive to visit my aunt. The weather was great, so we rolled down the windows, listened to some music and felt like a million bucks! It really is all about the small things sometimes. On the way back we stopped at dairy queen :) I had my first summer cone! Plans for this week are to finish painting the apartment. So hard with all this warm weather! But my motivation is to post an awesome before and after on the blog. I went to a church garage sale on Saturday and found some cool finds. Will also post about it soon! P.S My grand-mothers Boston always looks sad but in the cutest way, it cracks me up!

Cheers to warm weather.