This and That

Sometimes it only takes a few days of sunshine to make you a believer... Summer truly is the best season of them all. I have not posted in about two weeks. Busy bee here! I have been rushing around painting my apartment, preparing tax return papers (ugh!) and trying to get a little spring cleaning in when I can. I have also been working out and I feel great. I sleep so much better when I have done some physical activity during my day! Here are a few shots from the last week or so. I got a new bag, white paint for the walls, mom's 4th grade ceramic project and I found this awesome tin for 75 cents! 

Hope you are all getting some sunshine where ever you may be :) 


Fun Finds: Spring II

Over the last few weeks we have been trying to negotiate the possibility of a move. We found out over the weekend that it was not going to happen. I was disappointed, but I do believe things always happen for a reason. This led me to the understanding that sometimes, no matter how bad you want something, you can't have it all. We have decided to stay in our current apartment. I have shifted my thoughts over to re-vamping this old place. I saw this awesome cart from IKEA and fell in love, the colour and shape are perfect! I am going to splurge on this one. Here a few Fun Finds from this week! I love this lamp from Target. They are opening their Canadian doors this June and I am very excited. 

1. This lamp from Target
2. Cute cart from Ikea
3. Necklace from Mimic Designs
4. Yellow boots from FAB
5. Canvas Pouch from Alphabet Bags

Have a good week! 


In the Kitchen: Saturday

Howdy! Hope everyone had a nice weekend. I had the weekend off of work. Which, to be honest, is the best thing ever! I had one of my best friends over for dinner on Saturday. We made pizza on naan and strawberry spinach salad. It was delicious :) just looking at these pictures is making my tummy rumble (my late night hunger has been acting up lately!). We also made some white wine sangria and it gave me that undeniable I-want-summer-now feeling! On another note, we are still in the process of receiving the final status of the application towards to the new apartment and I am anxious. Actually, anxious is an understatement. But I won't bore you with the in's and out's of my nervous psyche. I will however leave you with an awesome song and video to start off your week! 



Goodbye March

Goodbye Miss March. 

I will miss the first warm days of the year.

I will not miss that surprise snow storm.

I will miss that weekend we spent up north with good friends. 

I will not miss having to do my taxes.

I will miss the early Easter treats from my mom. 

I will not miss having a cold that seemed to never go away. 

And I will always miss the feeling of reading my acceptance letter from Concordia University...swoon. 

I hope April brings all kinds of goodness to you and me!