Monthly Good Bye

Good Bye sweet February, 

I will miss the cinnamon heart shaped candies.

I will not miss the end of month deadline to hand my university application. (Which has been sent in - sigh of relief - yay!)

I will miss the birthday celebrations. Happy Birthday Mom ;)

I will not miss the cold. Seriously, it is cold. As in it takes 20 minutes to warm up kind of cold.

However, I will miss the pretty streets full of snow once it has all melted.

I will not miss getting the heating bill for the winter. Yikes!

I will miss the award season. Jennifer Lawrence, that fall and that speech made my night.

And I currently miss my Pops! I hope I will be seeing him in the next week or so, I will update with pictures when I visit. He always makes the best food. I miss his cooking and his funny jokes. 

Hello, March! 

Oh and P.S I got this amazing journal you should all check out here


This and That

Hello big world! Where did February go? I feel like I repeat this idea often but time flies! I kept thinking to myself: I still have a month until my portfolio is due for school application, I'll finish that book in ''like'' a few days and I'll post something on the blog tomorrow. Ha! Little did I know tomorrow turned out to be the end of the month. This is pretty much what my month has looked like - lots of art and eating. On another note, I hope everyone had a good Valentine's day. & To those who shun the idea of it, I hope the 14th of this month was still an epic day for you! My main squeeze and I made some dinner and watched a movie. I made him a cake with very little ingredients and time (before work) on my hands. It's the thought that counts... right?! 


p.s that is quite the dirty lens! 


Where are you sunshine?

It has been pretty chilly here the last past few weeks. We have yet to see days when the weather is anywhere above -20. I love the winter, don't get me wrong. I have always felt blessed that I get to enjoy snow for christmas. Even if I had the choice I could never live somewhere that did not have snowy winters. This being said, I miss the summer. The winter can be long and gloomy. Lately it has felt this way, I am craving some warm sunshine. I posted these pictures from the summer to remind me that it is not too far away and to never complain about the heat, ever... again!  That is the funny thing though, the grass always seems to be greener on the other side. 

Hope you all are staying warm and cozy, wherever you may be.