Goodbye September

September really is the finest of them all.

I will miss the first pumpkin spice latte.

I will not miss the stress of starting university...although

I will miss the feeling I had on my first day of class. 

I will not miss having to buy a new power adapter for my mac $$$ = :(

I will miss hearing and seeing the Canadian geese flying south

I will not miss noticing that the days are getting shorter and shorter...

I will miss celebrating my birthdays with all my peoples :)

Here is to October - may it be filled with leaves on the ground and comfy scarves around our necks.


Chertsey: Picnic

I finally got my computer fixed and found a bunch of photos from the last three months. I will post a few late summer posts! It's my way of saying goodbye to a wonderful season. I must say however I am in love with the current season - fall is the best. These are photos from an awesome spot in near Rawdon, Qc. It's a small camping ground that is never busy and has the best spots to set up a picnic. We have been going with my father since we were children. It's a great spot! 


Insta Life

Every time I go to make one of these collages I find myself in awe! As "cheesy" as that sounds it is so so so true. Have you ever just gone back through your instagram or recent photo feed? One will find all kinds of things that we forget about. Like that amazing shrimp pizza or the dope view from my classroom! Instant pick me up - take my word for it!