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Hi! How was everybody's weekend? I spent some time between chilling out and working. The summer is well on it's way and we had really HOT weather this weekend. I love the warmth - don't get me wrong here... but it is an adjustment. We go from (almost)  -30 to +30 within the span of a few weeks. This inevitably takes a toll on one's mental and physical state. To take my mind off the heat, I have been researching some ways of converting my favourite meals into healthier and partially veggie creations! This blog called is Post Punk Kitchen and it features awesome recipes that I hope to be re-creating. Super inspiring :)  I am also working on a collage that I will be posting a DIY of in the upcoming month. Stay tuned lovelies. 

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  1. Good thing this heat coming over there, which is uff here are very cold day, but still does not take away the sun rays. beautiful photos. I came to get on top of your blog, I hope we continue visiting.

    thousands of kisses