Goodbye May

Goodbye May. 

I will miss those first rainy spring days. 

I will not miss having to pay my taxes. 

I will miss the feeling of getting my first smart phone. 

I will not miss my old Nokia r.i.p to the most ancient of cellular devices. 

I will miss that first barbecue of the season. 

I will not miss the procrastination of painting the apartment. (still in progress)

I will miss lobster season. 

I will not miss installing the air conditioning. What a P A I N! 

I will miss watching all the trees grow big beautiful green leaves. 

Saying goodbye to May, which just flew by.


Here is to June, so much good stuff planned. 


  1. did you draw those hands? i love these monthly goodbye posts, really makes me appreciate the uniqueness of each one that i never really thought about :)

  2. Yup I drew them in class @ Vanier a while back! Thank girls!