Windows down

Last weekend we took a drive to visit my aunt. The weather was great, so we rolled down the windows, listened to some music and felt like a million bucks! It really is all about the small things sometimes. On the way back we stopped at dairy queen :) I had my first summer cone! Plans for this week are to finish painting the apartment. So hard with all this warm weather! But my motivation is to post an awesome before and after on the blog. I went to a church garage sale on Saturday and found some cool finds. Will also post about it soon! P.S My grand-mothers Boston always looks sad but in the cutest way, it cracks me up!

Cheers to warm weather. 


  1. ahh such good summer time vibes from this post, beautiful pics Mel :)

  2. love your photographs! too cute

    from today I will be one of your followers: D

    many kisses and hugs

  3. where I can not subscribe to your blog?

    1. Hi there! You can follow my blog posts through Bloglovin, it's a website where you can follow a number of different blogs! If not you can add me to your reading list through blogger! Thank you :)

  4. That dog is adorable...he looks like he has a good life. :)