This and That

My oh my! What a week, I was prepping for the wedding I shot this Sunday. I was so nervous (naturally) but everything went smoothly. It was so nice to see all the family pour their hearts out during speeches, the first dance and all those sweet moments that make up a wedding. Other then that the last week was a blur. Now that I am back to my normal pace, I will finishing up the last touches on the painting and figuring out a new layout for our furniture. Also I will be editing pictures from the wedding whenever I get the chance. I will post about them as I go. They are announcing rain all week, which is perfect because I have so much stuff to do and I don't wanna be stuck staring out the window to a blue sky. Anyone else craving fish tacos? Thinking of making some this week! 

Here is a song for your Tuesday, 
wherever you may be

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  1. Sounds like you had a fun week! Listening to that song now, thanks for sharing! It's pretty.