In the Kitchen: Saturday

Howdy! Hope everyone had a nice weekend. I had the weekend off of work. Which, to be honest, is the best thing ever! I had one of my best friends over for dinner on Saturday. We made pizza on naan and strawberry spinach salad. It was delicious :) just looking at these pictures is making my tummy rumble (my late night hunger has been acting up lately!). We also made some white wine sangria and it gave me that undeniable I-want-summer-now feeling! On another note, we are still in the process of receiving the final status of the application towards to the new apartment and I am anxious. Actually, anxious is an understatement. But I won't bore you with the in's and out's of my nervous psyche. I will however leave you with an awesome song and video to start off your week! 



  1. Looks delicious! Having the weekend off is awesome!

  2. That pizza looks insanely good - is that an egg on top??? Eggs on pizzas is one of my favorite things :) fingers crossed for ya!

    1. No it's mozzarella! I have never tried egg on pizza, but that sounds cool! I am going to try that sometime!