This and That

 What's up Buttercups! Here is my weekly this and that post. I am the owner of a new 50mm lens, and let me tell you...I am in love! I have no idea what I was doing before this lend came into my life. The grain and blur adds such character to (honestly) almost every picture I snap. I can't wait to use it outdoors for portraits, I'll post some shots soon. 

1. Skate Board Art for my brother 2. Honolulu hat 3. New lens 4. Photos on the wall 5. Mom and Me


I am loving this band and song! Check them out, they will be playing at Osheaga this summer in Montreal!


  1. Which camera do you use? Is it the 7D or the 60D? I read your comment on Beautiful Mess and can't seem to find your camera post. xx

    1. Hey there! Not sure which comment your talking about! But I've been using a Canon T3i for these more recent shots, I just switched up from a Pentax and I am loving it so far :)