This and That

Hello big world! Where did February go? I feel like I repeat this idea often but time flies! I kept thinking to myself: I still have a month until my portfolio is due for school application, I'll finish that book in ''like'' a few days and I'll post something on the blog tomorrow. Ha! Little did I know tomorrow turned out to be the end of the month. This is pretty much what my month has looked like - lots of art and eating. On another note, I hope everyone had a good Valentine's day. & To those who shun the idea of it, I hope the 14th of this month was still an epic day for you! My main squeeze and I made some dinner and watched a movie. I made him a cake with very little ingredients and time (before work) on my hands. It's the thought that counts... right?! 


p.s that is quite the dirty lens! 

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