Monthly Good Bye

Good Bye sweet February, 

I will miss the cinnamon heart shaped candies.

I will not miss the end of month deadline to hand my university application. (Which has been sent in - sigh of relief - yay!)

I will miss the birthday celebrations. Happy Birthday Mom ;)

I will not miss the cold. Seriously, it is cold. As in it takes 20 minutes to warm up kind of cold.

However, I will miss the pretty streets full of snow once it has all melted.

I will not miss getting the heating bill for the winter. Yikes!

I will miss the award season. Jennifer Lawrence, that fall and that speech made my night.

And I currently miss my Pops! I hope I will be seeing him in the next week or so, I will update with pictures when I visit. He always makes the best food. I miss his cooking and his funny jokes. 

Hello, March! 

Oh and P.S I got this amazing journal you should all check out here


  1. Surprised its already March.
    Feb is usually a really big month in our house with so much to celebrate.. this time we had a different sick member of the family every week..

    1. Oh no I am sorry to hear that! Hope everybody feels better :)