Drawing: Tattoo

I have been working on a little piece for a friend of a friend. He is looking to get tattoo. This is not the style am I used to working with but it has been fun and challenging to try something new. I don't usually work with markers or cartoonish content. I have since grown a fondness for Sharpies and I am thinking of maybe trying out some new pieces of art with them! On another note, tonight I am going to see ''Once upon a time... Impressionism'' Great French paintings from the Clark. It is on show at the Musée des Beaux Arts here in Montreal till this Sunday and I am very excited to see it! I will post some shots next week from the visit.  

Hope everyone is having a good week :)


  1. I recently just drew my very first tattoo, too! My friend got it tattooed on him and it looks great. I'll post about it soon. Great job on this one, though.

    Amanda Rose

    1. It is so interesting to draw something that will be on someone forever! I'll keep an eye out for that post to check it out!