Sweet Finds


 I recently found this amazing string of comics that made me smile inside. They are simple and brilliant. I thought I would share. A refreshingly realistic outlook on things we all worry about at some point or another....Not to mention the awesome illustrations. Look for more here! 


Au Revoir Summer

The summer flew by. I can't even place the time between the first few warm days of may to the cold 'end of summer' nights. We are officially moved in to the apartment. Though I must admit, the summer was spent mainly outside and not really on the inside. So my plans changed (as they always do, right?!) and the settling in will have to begin this fall. Since I am not enrolling in this current semester I will have more time and extra funds to work on this place. I am always reminded that summer is over when my allergies begin to ravage my head. Hay fever is less than pleasant. It settles with the first frost. So as the majority of people are trying to enjoy the bittersweet end of summertime... I , on the other hand, am looking forward to the frost. This will signify the beginning of me being able to hopefully smear a little mascara on my eyelashes without my eyes itching :)...oh and my excitement may have a little sooomething to do with my birthday coming up in a few weeks!!