Veggie Pasta

Vegetable pasta is a great and easy meal to make with left over veggies in the fridge. Living with two guys has taught me a few things. For one, always check if the toilet seat is down and secondly I never knew the word ''clean'' could have different meanings. However the one thing I have learned is that guys eat a lot (at least mine do). We are still learning to make meals that are budget friendly, healthy and most importantly that taste good! Pasta is a great option, because you can make many variations and you can freeze left overs for later meals (not that there are EVER left overs at my place, everything pretty much gets insta-consumed!). This Veggie Tomato Sauce is yummy, we make it pretty often. We use crushed tomatoes and some tomato paste as the base, and add all kinds of veggies. I let it all simmer up a storm and then pour it over our favorite pastas. The usual ingredients added are : garlic!! , chili powder, onions, celery, peppers of any color (though red and orange are my favorite!) carrots, zucchini and any other veggies that have been left behind. The great thing is you can leave out or add as many vegetables as you like! 

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