During my last semester of college, I was assigned a project entitled Custom Kicks. The idea was to produce an image on a 3d surface - Shoes! Needless to say I was stocked for this assignment. I mean who wouldn't be. Drawing + shoes, Yes Please! The options became endless! I ended up deciding to go with a Alice in Wonderland theme. I have always been intrigued with the story and the imagery. I loved the idea of having Alice and the White Rabbit hanging out on the ends of my shoes. This was overall one of my most memorable projects throughout college. At the time, they were not intended to be worn, so I chose pens and different inks to draw on these plain canvas kicks. So when I recently fell upon a photo of these, it got me thinking...I want to make some more! And this time I will be using these bad ass Sharpies. This was I can proudly wear them out into the streets.

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