Cannoli Love

I am by no means a "sweets" kind of girl. I'll take an apple over chocolate cake any day! However, a few weeks ago I had super at my grand-mothers and my aunts husband brought over these A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Cannoli's. Let me just tell y'all...I have been missing out! They were phenomenal, he gets them at a little bakery in Montreal called Alati (It's on Jean-Talon, for any of you Montrealers) He swears by them, claiming they are amongst the best in town. Amen to these little wonders! 


  1. mmm they look delicious, I haven't eaten cannolis much but when I lived in Italy sometimes at a Sunday family day someone would bring some and they were always amazing

  2. oh how I envy you for not being the "sweets" kind of girl! The moment I saw this picture I imagined jumping inside of my mac just to have a bite of those deliciously looking Cannoli's!

  3. I kinda want one right now actually...maybe I have a sweet tooth after all, for Cannoli's anyway!