Birthday Love

Today is my birthday! :)  Can't wait to read funny cards and blurt out "YOU TOO!" all day, whenever some one says...Happy Birthday to you.


Artist : Sally Mann

Artist Sally Mann has long been fascinating to me. Her body of work is quite extensive and ranges in various subject matter. I am quite fond of her family portraits, despite the large controversy they have caused. The first time I saw them, I was pulled in. They strike me almost as personal memories. Her photographs make me think of my childhood and innocence. If you are not already aware - check out her work! See what you think, here is a link to her website.

The Shack


    A few weeks ago I visited my mom, she is living in a near by country side. Her and her boyfriend bought a new house and will be moving in shortly. I thought I would go say bye the old shack. It used to be a ''Cabane a Sucre'', and now it's a shared building. It's like a very country looking apartment complex. Ha! I wish my place looked like this. Anyways, she is very excited about moving in to her new house, which will be all hers to decorate and garden. I am happy for her and miss her everyday. I am still a little homesick, even after almost two years. There really is no place like home...



A few weeks ago my best friend had a beautiful baby boy. He is scrumptious! And so much of me felt in awe of my life. I grew up with three extraordinary girls, who are now three uniquely wonderful women. We sat around all afternoon on a big comfy bed and gushed over the new little dude. Life trickles by in the weirdest way. It seems like not so long ago we were sitting on beds gossiping about our lives. She looked awesome as a momma! It was one of those amazing moments, the ones you don't really ever forget. There will be more pictures of him soon...with me as an auntie how could their not be! 


Cannoli Love

I am by no means a "sweets" kind of girl. I'll take an apple over chocolate cake any day! However, a few weeks ago I had super at my grand-mothers and my aunts husband brought over these A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Cannoli's. Let me just tell y'all...I have been missing out! They were phenomenal, he gets them at a little bakery in Montreal called Alati (It's on Jean-Talon, for any of you Montrealers) He swears by them, claiming they are amongst the best in town. Amen to these little wonders! 



 Hey! Today was the first chilly morning of September. I felt a chill on my skin that reminded me of back to school and the Fall. It sort of made do a double-take on the Summer months...Maybe I am not ready to say ''Au revoir'' to the Summer just yet. Above are a few shots that remind me of warm sun rays, lake water and my sumer. Hope you had a good one! I sure did! xox



During my last semester of college, I was assigned a project entitled Custom Kicks. The idea was to produce an image on a 3d surface - Shoes! Needless to say I was stocked for this assignment. I mean who wouldn't be. Drawing + shoes, Yes Please! The options became endless! I ended up deciding to go with a Alice in Wonderland theme. I have always been intrigued with the story and the imagery. I loved the idea of having Alice and the White Rabbit hanging out on the ends of my shoes. This was overall one of my most memorable projects throughout college. At the time, they were not intended to be worn, so I chose pens and different inks to draw on these plain canvas kicks. So when I recently fell upon a photo of these, it got me thinking...I want to make some more! And this time I will be using these bad ass Sharpies. This was I can proudly wear them out into the streets.